On The Red Carpet

Discover the beauty in yourself

Rojmel, a beautiful messenger of the land of Italy

About Us

Misani Group was founded by two fashion and cosmetic brothers in the year 6, in year 2, the brand of Biosal Group, the name of a bold combination of two highly familiar cosmetics and cosmetics. In French means, red, red is a symbol of love and passion that is the flag of the regime’s brand
The mission of the Rojmel brand is to arouse a sense of aesthetics in its audience, and according to the belief that every person is beautiful as they are, it tries to respond to the different tastes of its audience with the slogan “Discover the beauty in yourself.
The most up -to -date production lines, the use of high-quality raw materials (which is actually the company’s red line), the highest formulation standards and specialized laboratories along with high color variations and quality packaging have made the regime advanced in the short term. Cosmetics in the international arena.
Understanding the concept of quality, the use of local experiences, and international communication, especially with the Italian Missy Company, has prompted regime brand founders to spread red carpets for makeup and beauty enthusiasts by producing cosmetics so that audiences of this brand are distinguished and standing on the brand. Understand the red carpet deeply